Over 50 shops and 4 hotels have been trained by Canaco Mazatlan for reopening


They indicated that this training is the only one that includes the three areas; the psychological, the technical and the administrative

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The Technological Training Center of the National Chamber of Commerce in Mazatlan announced that since May 25, the “Implementation of the Business Plan for Reincorporation to the New Normality” program began. , with the aim of preventing infections to Covid-19, and to date, 50 companies have been trained, on average, between hotels and various businesses.

In a virtual conference offered by members of this organization, they indicated that said course has a cost of 500 pesos per person, however, they handle group packages for companies that want to train their staff in this area.

Celeste Ojeda Íñiguez, Master in Administration, said that the objective of these courses is to see the applicable health protocols.

“We guide them step by step, now within the guidelines, there is a deep cleaning process and within this protocol, what we tell them is, come with us, you have to do a guideline in which the cleaning must have a certain degree of water, sodium hypochlorite, clean surfaces two-three times a day, because the virus on the surfaces last different times, “he said.

For her part, Paola Álvarez Tostado, a member of the training group, commented that with these courses, 4 hotels have been certified for now.

He commented that these courses are 100 percent effective in preventing Covid 19 infections since it is the only one that includes all three areas; the psychological, the technical and the administrative.

He indicated that businessmen have responded well so that these courses are taught to their staff, and since May 25 they have already started with various groups, so they hope to reach the interest of more businesses and businessmen.

Source: reaccioninformativa.com

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