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Beaches in Huatulco Oaxaca will open on June 15, but only for local tourism

Municipal authorities detailed that next June 15 the opening of businesses to 30 percent of their capacity will be formalized and that they will be open only for local tourism

Huatulco abrirá sus playas el 15 de junio solo para turismo local ...


On June 15 when the tourist revival begins on the beaches of Santa Cruz, Maguey and La Delivery, in Huatulco with all the sanitary protocols to avoid crowds in restaurants and hotels.

The mayor of Huatulco, Giovanne González García , explained that his administration already lists criteria in conjunction with representatives of the tourism sector to implement an action plan that regulates the reopening conditions and compliance with sanitary protocols to avoid Covid-19 infections.

The mayor explained that on June 15 the business will be formally opened at 30 percent of capacity and that they will be open only to local tourism.

He considered that the measure will primarily benefit smaller establishments, because corporate chains are managed differently due to the costs involved in opening only with a minimum of accommodation.

After more than two months of the closure of beaches for some days, service providers have pushed the opening of their establishments, however, measures to prevent the entry of tourists and the increase in cases of coronavirus, where Huatulco has 15 confirmed cases have postponed the return to the “New Normal” in the beach destination.

However, the measures to prevent the entry of tourists arriving by road through security filters, the temporary closure of commercial flights and the health contingency itself due to the increase in cases of coronavirus – Huatulco currently has 15 confirmed cases; They have postponed the long-awaited return to the New Normal in regard to the tourism sector.

Reopening protocols refined

It was last Monday that, desperate for their unstable situation, a group of service providers and merchants from the beaches of Santa Cruz and La Delivery appeared in the Captaincy of Puerto de Santa Cruz Huatulco to firmly ask that they be allowed to return to the recreational maritime activities and publicly anticipate that restaurants and beach services would open in the next few hours.

In this context, Huatulco authorities announced that this week the rules and protocols for the opening of such establishments would be defined and invited providers to present their proposals.

Opening to 30 percent capacity

Giovanne González informed that on June 15, the opening of 30 percent of beach businesses will be formalized, who will be able to operate with that level of occupation in the spaces, which will be open for recreation and consumption, mainly, of visitors from the region.

“We think that at the moment we can reactivate and oxygenate the sector’s economy little by little with local tourism because really the people who arrive in Huatulco by air are very few -not more than 50 per day-, of which, by lack of open hotels, most of them disperse to nearby municipalities or travel for business and work, ”he said.

Huatulco, below contagions nationwide

Regarding the opening of hotels, the municipality said that they will be allowed to operate at 30 percent of their capacity, and considered that this will primarily benefit smaller establishments, since corporate chains are managed differently due to the costs It involves opening only with a minimum of accommodation.

Finally, he stressed that within tourist destinations nationwide, Huatulco remains below the number of infections, with 15, unlike poles such as Cancun and Acapulco with 1,551 and 1,682, respectively, in addition to the main markets. Emitters of tourists to Huatulco, which are Oaxaca, the State of Mexico and Mexico City, currently register a high level of infections, so care must be taken to ensure that the number of infections in this place does not grow and maintain a gradual opening to tourism.

Source: excelsior.com.mx, nvinoticias.com

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