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Mazatlan beach vendors demand support from the authorities

They warn that they will demonstrate in the absence of attention to the vendors union in this pandemic

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The Covid-19 health emergency has affected all the economic sectors of Mazatlán and beach vendors are no exception, as the lack of work for more than 60 days has kept them in a strong economic crisis.

The secretary of the Federal Zone Sellers Union joined the CTM, José Luis Ríos Rubio, reiterated that they are experiencing a critical economic moment after lack of income and work due to the closure of beaches in the port.

He said that nearly 600 vendors from six groups do not have food to eat after the lack of work, and the lack of support from the authorities who do not take them into account, do not turn to see them or listen to them.

The people are already desperate, they are about to go out to demonstrate, we had a meeting of the six groups and we are seeing that, if it gets longer, the people are desperate and they will protest the government for the reopening of the beaches

José Luis Ríos Rubio

Rios Rubio commented that to date they have not received support from any agency and the moment right now for all members is complicated

He added that it is taking a long time for the tourist revival and the vendors no longer know what to do, why did they open the beer stores that are not so necessary and not the beaches


There are 600 beach vendors in Mazatlán.

6 groups.

Source: elsoldemazatlan.com.mx

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