Puerto Peñasco “Rocky Point” residents allowed to re-enter the city


In Sonora, Mexico, the popular beach town Puerto Peñasco, or Rocky Point, implemented a three-phase reopening plan last week. Now, residents who had been barred from entering the city while it was on lockdown to slow the spread of the coronavirus are being allowed back in.

Puerto Peñasco, Sonora.- The mayor Ernesto Kiko Munro put into operation the thermal camera device to allow access only to residents of Puerto Peñasco, as part of phase 1 of the Peñasco plan is activated !, for the gradual reactivation of the local economy.

The President of Puerto Peñasco reported that since May 27, in the sanitary fence on the Puerto Peñasco-Sonoyta highway , which has been operating for a month and a half due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a tent and equipment with tip, with which a further step is taken to guarantee controls and prevent any outbreak of the disease.

“ Those who wish to enter have to comply with these protocols, which, yes, are annoying, but are necessary ; which are also cumbersome and affect our daily lives, however, this is what the low statistic of COVID-19 in Puerto Peñasco has proposed and it is the guarantee that we have to continue with these phases of reopening the Peñasco plan is activated, ”he indicated

He explained that in this first stage, and in the following 10 days, access will be allowed for people who, for some reason, were left outside Peñasco prior to quarantine, who must prove that they are residents of the municipality and, in addition, They must sign a letter-commitment to isolate themselves 14 days, and a decal of identification of the vehicle, taking of residence data and respecting the established guidelines.

“The fact that they are allowed to enter Peñasco does not mean that with this also goes the permissiveness of going to the beaches, having parties or doing tourist activities, because social isolation continues with the same restrictions for everyone,” he warned.

Right there, Kiko Munro welcomed the first resident citizens who stayed outside Peñasco prior to the quarantine, to whom he explained all the hygienic and sanitary protocols implemented by the municipal government that he heads

Kiko Munro reaffirmed that the first stage of Peñasco is activated! It includes from May 18 to 31; and, if the objectives set are achieved, the second phase will proceed from June 1 to June 15 and, later, the third stage from June 16 onwards, with the expectation of starting to receive visits from tourists.

The Mayor reiterated that in the first stage of Peñasco is activated! It is key not only the deployment of regulations and information that was prepared, but also the process of acceptance and maturity of the Puerto Peñasquense society.

Ratified that strict prevention rules are contemplated and the following measures are mandatory: antibacterial gel dispenser at the entrance of the establishment, covers mouths and gloves on clients and personnel who work, keeping the healthy distance and sanitation of customer service areas.

Kiko Munro stressed that the authority is relentless in complying with the health and safety measures that must be kept. In such a way that those who fail to comply are not only excluded from this phase, but also proceed to the application of sanctions.

He ratified that it is about starting to generate mobility within Peñasco and with the people of Peñasco, which means that the closure of beaches, closure of nightclubs and nightclubs, zero massive social events and other restrictions are maintained.

He confirmed that the return of tourism would be later, once the companies in the industry are accredited as free of COVID-19, for which they would have to find ways for service providers to prove that they are negative to the condition and thereby give certainty to visitors when this health emergency is overcome.

“We are highly motivated by the fact that all available tools are being used, such as thermal cameras, which helps us guarantee the protection of the community of Puerto Peñasco for public health purposes, in the face of the high risk that it still means the COVID-19 pandemic, ”said the President of Puerto Peñasco.

During the installation of thermal cameras, elements of the Secretary of the Navy and the Puerto Peñasco Red Cross received training on the use of thermal cameras by the company Total Play Empresaria

“This technological support is with the effect that their work is increasingly safer. We will continue making the effort and the investment that is necessary so that there is a safer environment that proposes health and safety to families, “said Kiko Munro.

Source: proyectopuente.com.mx, azpm.org

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