Have you tried Mazatlan’s barbecue tacos from Taqueria Guadalajara yet?


If you feel like eating something different, we recommend you try the Taquería Guadalajara barbecue tacos.

For seven years they have dedicated themselves to pampering the palates of the Mazatlecos with the flavor of the Tapatio as people from Guadalajara are known as.

“The barbecue that is handled in Guadalajara is based on chilies, not tomatoes, unlike birria; the flavor is completely different ”.

In Taqueria Guadalajara you can find the delicious beef barbecue in its different presentations: soft tacos, golden tacos with cheese, or made to order.

The specialty of the house is the grilled tacos and the Pata de Elefante; a preparation that will fascinate you.

“Here we prepare the Pata de Elefante, a large flour tortilla and it has the meat, cheese and another flour tortilla on top and the pressed taco like a “chorreada” as if it were dripping but the difference is that it has a cheese crust.”

So if you want to eat something delicious we recommend ¡Taquería Guadajalara!

They are located in Flamingos street corner with the Ejercito Mexicano (next to Kuroda). You can make your orders to the number 6699201674

Taqueria Guadalajara

Source: sinaloaenlinea.com

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