Bachoco delivers 60 tons of chicken to DIF Sinaloa to benefit Sinaloan families


Culiacán, Sinaloa, May 26, 2020.- In the midst of the health contingency due to Covid-19 and as a great act of social responsibility, the renowned national coverage company Bachoco handed over to the president of the DIF Sinaloa System, Rosy Fuentes de Ordaz and to the Secretary of Agriculture, Manuel Esteban Tarriba Urtuzuastegui, a donation of 60 tons of chicken, which will benefit 40,000 Sinaloan families.

In the presence of Alfonso Gerardo Suastegui Pérez, Manager of the Northwest Business Unit of Bachoco, the Secretary of Social Development, Ricardo Madrid and the general director of DIF Sinaloa Connie Zazueta Castro, the president of the State DIF expressed: “We really appreciate the support and solidarity of this great company, because joining efforts is the only way we can face the food need that our people are suffering during the pandemic. “

He specified that the delivery of this support is already being carried out in coordination with Sedeso and DIF Sinaloa, in the most vulnerable communities, and it is done as requested by the Governor, Quirino Ordaz Coppel, complying with all hygiene, safety and security measures. , under the house-to-house direct delivery scheme.

It is important to mention that this support was achieved thanks to the efforts of the Secretary of Agriculture, Manuel Esteban Tarriba Urtuzuastegui, which will be distributed in sectors with high levels of vulnerability.

Note that Bachoco’s donation is in addition to the contributions that other companies have made to this institution and that have been distributed since the beginning of the pandemic.

For this reason, Fuentes de Ordaz, thanked the Ministry of Agriculture, which has joined many entrepreneurs, who have donated vegetables and other supplies that have strengthened the pantries that reach the homes with the greatest deficiencies.

At the same time, Alfonso Gerardo Suastegui Pérez, Manager of the Northwest Business Unit of Bachoco commented that they are a socially responsible company: “very interested in getting food support to the population most affected by the Covid-19 contingency, not only in Sinaloa , but at the national level we have the “Apoyo de Corazón” campaign, to distribute this type of food in kind, where we currently add 300 tons of chicken delivered nationwide, specifically in this donation it amounts to 60 tons of product, with which We are contributing to the benefit of Sinaloan families. “

The event was also attended by Ulises Medrano, director of Food Assistance; Miguel Guzmán, Bachoco Supply Chain Manager; Miguel López Bachoco HR Manager and Enrique Díaz Bachoco Sales Manager.


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