After lifting the dry law, drunk accidents soared in Mazatlan


Just yesterday afternoon yesterday, there were four incidents of motorcycle skidding due to being drunk

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The Commander of Veterans Firefighters of Mazatlán, Luis Fernando Leyva Solís, made the observation that since the Dry Law was lifted in the State, only in the afternoon of yesterday there were four incidents of motorcycle skidding due to being drunk. “Yesterday we had four incidents where there was a drift of people on a motorcycle, which were due to an apparent state of drunkenness, which skidded off their motorcycle alone, only in one afternoon we had four,” he argued.

It should be noted that, despite going through a health emergency caused by Covid-19, it has observed that citizens have “relaxed” as many people have been observed on the street without sanitary measures and have had an increase in reports of emergencies and claims.

“It can be said that if it has increased a little, we have had a lot of fire in what is vacant lots, which also many people ignore not to burn garbage inside them, even the owners of large properties ignore not clean them ”, he pointed out.

He also commented that in the attention to hospital emergencies with people suspected of contagion by Coronavirus, they have been treating one to two cases daily, in addition to that, regardless of being IMSS or ISSSTE, most of the times they have received the excuse of “being saturated ”and are denied attention or made to wait up to almost an hour and a half.

At the end, the commander recommended that citizens abide by all the security measures that the health authorities grant, as well as those that Civil Protection issues daily.


The Mazatlan Post