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Mazatlan General Hospital saturated by Coronavirus cases

MAY 19, 2020

The director of the hospital maintains that even with operational complications, care is not denied to any patient

Mazatlán, Sinaloa .- The general hospital is saturated with Covid-19 patients, but it still has the capacity to receive more patients, said its director, Héctor Carreón Tizcareño.

Few doctors

The official said that no one has been denied entry.

Regarding the case of the older adult who arrived in an ambulance from a private hospital, he stressed that they became desperate and left.

There is a Covid-19 patient admission protocol and there are few doctors.

At the time the patient was brought in, six patients had been received. It was a very busy day with the attention of suspects.

There is a doctor who is the one who receives patients either by emergency department or those who arrive for transfer. All cases are handled, but a protocol is followed, for safety.


In the Covid-19 patient floor, 18 people of all ages are hospitalized. In intensive care there are two serious and five more in the emergency department, which make a total of 25.

This figure has been maintained in recent days. Six to seven suspicious patients arrive daily. The hospital can still receive 12 to 14 more people, explained the doctor.


Family members of patients are kept outside the hospital waiting for any information on the evolution of the patient.

Every day, the authority gives a detailed report of how the Covid-19 patients are, in two hours, at 10:00 and 14:00, as stipulated in the regulations in these cases.

The General Hospital of Zone 3 of the Mexican Institute of Social Security is also saturated.

The directors do not give information, but 30 relatives of patients remain outside the institution.

Likewise, a similar number of people arrive at the Covid-19 module, with some symptoms to be assessed by doctors.


At the Issste Clinic, the emergency area for general illnesses was saturated. Also, the coronavirus patient module. 

Long lines for dispensing medications persist. They are mostly older adults who have no one to come in their place.

Source: debate.com.mx

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