Mazatlan is an inclusive municipality, city hall lights up the palace in LGBT colors


Mazatlán City Hall lights up with LGBT colors

The Municipal Palace of Mazatlán was lit up in colors, in commemoration of May 17, the International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia. The colored “monument” serves to remember that the #Sinaloa Congress has not approved equal marriage.

Throughout history Mazatlán has been characterized for being an inclusive municipality, today the administration headed by the Chemist Luis Guillermo Benitez Torres took the initiative to illuminate the facade of the Municipal Palace with the colors that characterize the Gay Pride flag, to celebrate the international day against homophobia to be celebrated on May 17.

With this act in Mazatlán, the opening of the festivities of the International LGBT Pride Day is marked, “Love is itself a superior law”, which is celebrated annually on June 28 and the Port community will soon decide what activities They will do this due to the health situation that is experienced as a result of the pandemic in the world.

The Municipal Institute of Culture, Tourism, and Art of Mazatlán participated in this public recognition by being in charge of the design, production, as well as supporting with its great human capital to achieve the result that will fill the community of this city with pride.

It is from the year 1969 when the world commemorates the International Day of Gay Pride and Mazatlán has become part.

The colors remind us that equal marriage continues to be illegal in Sinaloa.


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