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Mazatlan tour boats await patiently for tourism to return

The boats that provide tours around the bay await patiently at the dock of the Lighthouse

Mazatlán, Sinaloa. Providers of nautical tourism services in Mazatlán, prepare for the return of activities, once the quarantine is lifted.

The boats that provide tours around the bay waiting for tourists at the dock of the Lighthouse, so that once the tourists arrive they can take tours and enjoy the beautiful sunsets.

José Ángel de la Cruz Cárdenas, a catamaran worker, is more than willing to continue showing tourists the attractions of Mazatlán.

From now on, he invites future tourists so that once the coronavirus health contingency ends, they come to Mazatlán and enjoy the boat tours around the bay, especially those from Culiacán, who are very good customers.

José Ángel de la Cruz

He indicated that some owners have taken advantage of this break to maintain boats and berths, to be ready for when tourists return.

De la Cruz Cárdenas pointed out that their situation is no better than that of the craft sellers, transporters, and all the members of the tourist industry.

He said that the coronavirus has left thousands of people without a job for almost two months, so they hope that this will be reactivated soon so that tourists can return.

The situation is difficult, here in the catamarans there are those who do not earn anything, others a little, but something is something, that is why it is urgent to start working to bring sustenance to our families-

José Ángel de la Cruz

Source: .elsoldemazatlan.com.mx

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