Covid-19 challenges builders in Mazatlan Sinaloa


The micros and small businessmen cannot survive more than a week paying salaries, assures the CMIC national councilor

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- After having a very complicated 2019, 2020 started promising for the constructors in southern Sinaloa with the reactivation of private works, however, the Covid-19 came to “finish off” a sector that was just beginning to recover from the economic crisis in the country.

More than two months after quarantine due to the health emergency, the union swims against the current, although the public work has not stopped, the private ones are paralyzed.

“Small and medium-sized companies are hitting the pandemic very hard, they do not have savings and they cannot survive by keeping their employees’ salaries for a long time,” said Quel Galván Pelayo, a national adviser to the Mexican Chamber of the Construction Industry.

He said that although it is unknown how many workers have been unemployed, the figures mark down the impact, because the majority of companies, especially those that do not have work, have been left with a minimum staff.

Galván Pelayo, estimated that in the southern area 95% are micro-businesses, and cannot survive more than a week by paying salaries and commitments, from then onwards it is to start creating debts and lower its curtain and close

This is the situation in general in 95% of the construction companies, with the exception of the few that are executing public works, where they are working with all the health protocols 

Quel Galván Pelayo

He announced that at the national level there will be around 250 thousand construction companies that will not reopen, so the damage is going to be great, we know that in this pandemic the first thing is to take care of health, but unfortunately, the economy is also paramount.

The construction businessman trusted that soon a plan for economic recovery in the country will be launched, after passing the complexities of this coronavirus pandemic, nothing will be so easy for a quick to return to normality many sectors will be affected.


250 thousand construction companies nationwide will not reopen after the pandemic.