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Mother’s Day slightly boosts economy in Mazatlan

Mazatlán, Sinaloa (May 11, 2020) .- Thanks to the celebration of Mother’s Day, many restaurants reactivated their economy, as some of them had increases in sales.

Due to the health contingency and the strict health measures that have been implemented in Mazatlán, the restaurants, even when they could not receive diners on their premises, they were able to offer the Pick-up & Delivery Service.

According to reports from the National Chamber of the Restaurant and Seasoned Food Industry (Canirac) in Mazatlán, on Mother’s Day in 2019, the restaurants, for the most part, had reservations of up to 100 percent and managed to increase their sales up to 60 percent compared to a normal day.

This year, the economic situation of some families and the ongoing lockdown obviously brought a different panorama to the port of Mazatlan.

After a survey carried out by the Reacción Informativa news website, in some restaurants, workers highlighted that sales managed to rebound up to 10 percent compared to a normal day. However, there were those who mentioned that sales were not comparable with an ordinary day (before the pandemic).

Rodrigo Becerra, president of Canirac Mazatlán, highlighted that although an average of the increase or decrease in sales in the different gastronomic businesses in the city has not been quantified, these sales will allow companies to cope with this contingency.

In turn, he highlighted the actions implemented by the Municipal Government and the actions of citizens that avoided crowds at all times.

Source: Reacción Informativa

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