People applaud as Mazatlan woman leaves hospital (VIDEO)


Among a standing ovation and a big round of applause, a woman left the hospital after overcoming Covid-19 in Mazatlán

Doctor Efrén Encinas from Mazatlan posted the video on his social networks.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- On Friday, May 8, Dr. Efrén Encinas Torres shared a video on his Facebook account showing a patient named Perla, leaving the premises after receiving medical discharge since she had suffered from the fearsome Covid-19 disease.

In the video description, Encinas Torres points out that Perla was discharged from the General Hospital of Mazatlán, in the audiovisual the woman is shown sitting in a wheelchair while leaving the hospital in the middle of an ovation.

Doctor Efrén closed his Facebook message asking the population to stay home and do not risk going outside unless it is necessary.

Source: Debate

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