Sinaloa sex workers suffer during COVID quarantine


The Covid-19 pandemic has closed strip clubs and brothels so many have migrated to online sex work

Sinaloa.- Sex work in person is intimate by its very nature and women workers are at greater risk of contracting the virus if they continue working.

But without work, as strip clubs and brothels close and clients decline, sex workers struggle to survive this pandemic the world is experiencing.

“ Lucía ”, a name that barely rhymes with her real one, is originally from Escuinapa, Sinaloa, and is a young woman who was planning her return home, with great economic projects for her nine-year-old son, after dedicating herself for years to the table dance and sex service catwalk.

That was the end of an era for me, closing my job was really difficult, because I was starting to earn a little more money, so the coronavirus pandemic hit, and everything I was slowly building stopped, we prostitutes are undergoing a crisis under the quarantine 


The pandemic has devastated almost everything and sex work is no exception. Those who work on the street selling sex may find themselves with no choice but to continue selling sex and exposing themselves to other health risks.

Lucia says she is working on expanding to camera services, prerecorded clips, and live virtual domination sessions for clients who hire her, but it is almost unsuccessful because many are with their partners at home in during the quarantine.

When asked if he will continue working, she points out:

“Sure, I also give massages for both men and women, I listen to them and everything they want to experience, I am very open to all this, but the pandemic has paralyzed everything, but I hope all this will return to normal.”

Lucia says that she saved some money while building her client portfolio because it was during the weekends when they were looking for her the most, and she could earn more than 10,000 pesos. Now she will cross fingers to find work.

“I am possibly looking to make internet sites that sell or market sex,” she says. “From now on, I’ll just handle this.

Unfortunately, the virus will determine how long we will be like this. People may no longer have money available to participate in this, but I’ll try. “

What kind of support did you receive from table dance employers?

They just said we’re closing, that’s all.

Is there any other work I can do to survive now?

Sure, I feel self-sufficient, I can work in a maquiladora or, I’m good at housekeeping and cooking, I could sell food, ah, I can also sell flour tortillas, which are delicious.

However, sex workers do not have the kind of financial security necessary to remain unemployed for a long time, which is why many will choose to look for other jobs instead of going back to work in the sex trade

“Lucia” is a 25-year-old girl, since she was 18 years old she has worked as a sex worker for a bar in the Sinaloa capital.


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