Homeless people are fed during the quarantine in Mazatlán


The Salvation Army joins efforts with companies and individuals to bring a plate of food to 250 homeless people every day in Mazatlán-

Mazatlán, Sinaloa (May 2, 2020).- Dozens of people who lined up every day outside the Salvation Army facility, located on Juan Carrasco Avenue, on the corner with Gutiérrez Nájera, downtown Mazatlan, perceived the aromatic smell of mincemeat and rice.

Juan Antonio was one of the first to arrive at the food distribution center.

Having in his hands the plate with mince, rice, beans, tortillas, and a glass of guava water, he looks for a piece of concrete where to sit and enjoy it.

Homeless man in Mazatlan (Photo: Debate)

In a matter of minutes, the man leaves the plate clean. “It is delicious,” he said. He said he had spent the last 24 hours without trying any food.

Juan, better known as “El Tigre”, lives by collecting cans, but now with the quarantine there is no work, and no money to eat. For this, he thanks the solidarity of the institution that provides him and other homeless people with a meal.

Raúl Romero, director of the Salvation Army in Mazatlan, highlighted that due to the Covid-19 health emergency, the decision was made to prepare food and distribute it among those in need.

Homeless man in Mazatlan (Photo: Debate)

At first they started with 75 dishes and currently they are distributing around 250.

This increase was made possible by the solidarity and altruism of some local companies and individuals.

In this way, varied and well-served food can be offered to people on the street, living alone and migrants.

Romero explained that April 30th was going to be the last day that the Salvation Army was giving out food; but as the quarantine was extended, they decided to continue supporting the homeless people of Mazatlan.

Source: Debate

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