Where and how to buy beers in Mexico online


How and where can you buy beers online after Profeco’s announcement, which indicates a possible rise in the prices of beer? 

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The beer these days, perhaps it is the perfect complement for those who are serving on the letter the quarantine imposed by the World Health Organization ( WHO ) pandemic unleashed after the deadly coronavirus. In Mexico, for example, this drink would be about to “finish” and also suffer a rise in its price, as reported today by Profeco. Below we tell you where and how to buy beers online.

This Friday, May 1, the company FEMSA announced that its stores in OXXO Mexico were running out of beer and stated that in 10 days the stock of this drink could be finished.

“I do not want people calling out and run to the store, but right now, you probably are seeing the around 10 – day inventory, “ said Juan Fonsecahead of investor relations of FEMSA.

The Who’s Who Program of Profeco (Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office) confirmed that beer prices will increase throughout Mexico, between the second week of March and the last week of April, just when Phase 2 of the coronavirus is declared.

As it is known the price of a 12 (twelve / cans) pack of Tecate beers of 355 milliliters rose 11.9%, that is, it changed from 139 to 155 pesos approximately. The Heineken beer “six” rose 8.3 percent, from 91.81 pesos to 99.40 pesos.

How to buy beers online

For many in Mexico, it will be difficult to access a good beer for the same reason that Profeco explains above. However, there is a possibility that online purchases of alcohol you just need to enter in the search websites are making online sales such as stores Walmart and Mercado Libre in Mexico.

Where and how much to buy beers online

To buy any beverage of your preference you must enter the websites that we will show you below. Here you will find beers from $ 700 to $ 870.

What beers can you find in these online sites

  • Craft Beer Tempus Double Malt 24 Pack Bottle | 355 ml
  • Craft Beer Wild Boar Hellesbock 24 Pack Bottle | 355 ml
  • Craft Beer Wild Boar Hellesbock 24 Pack Bottle | 355 ml
  • Clear beer Corona Extra 12 bottles of 355 ml c / u
  • Tecate light light beer 12 cans of 355 ml each

Craft Beer Tempus Double Malt 24 Pack Bottle | 355 ml

What is Profeco?

The Federal Consumer Prosecutor ( Profeco ) is the public body of the state responsible for the defense and information of consumers in Mexico.