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Three tequila drink recipes for a Sunday afternoon

Tequila is a 100% Mexican spirit that is extremely popular all over the world. Its delicious flavor makes it ideal to celebrate any occasion and it is great mixed with other ingredients.

Here are some recipes to mix your own tequila cocktails at home.

The Snacker
60ml tequila
30ml watermelon syrup
15ml pineapple juice
15ml lime

Put enough ice in a glass rimmed with salt and habanero pepper. Pour in tequila, lime juice, syrup, and pineapple juice. Mix and enjoy.

The Mango Mix
60ml tequila
20ml mango juice
20ml soursop juice
15ml lime juice
15ml peppermint syrup

Put some peppermint leaves in a highball glass and crush them slightly. Add ice, tequila, syrup, and the juices. Mix well and garnish with peppermint.

Don Chente
60ml tequila
40ml Green tea with rose and sunflower petals, and honey
15ml elderflower liqueur
5ml sherry
2 dashes of orange and coriander essence

Put ice in a mug. Add tequila, tea, sherry, liqueur, and the orange and cilantro essence. Mix. Garnish with tea leaves.

Source: José Cuervo

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