As punishment, Sinaloa Governor will NOT remove alcohol ban


After the massive purchases of cakes and pizza that took place for Children’s Day, the Governor of Sinaloa will maintain the Dry Law

Sinaloa. Through an interview with a local radio station, Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel said that, although it was considering allowing the sale of alcohol during the confinement, after yesterday, April 30, the Sinaloans invaded pizzerias and pastry shops, it was decided not to remove the ban.

Yesterday was not good, it does not help, many people went out and this is not worth it. This makes it clear that we have Mother’s Day in front of us and at least until that date, we are not going to lift the permits, the Dry Law is maintained.

Ordaz Coppel

He added that the operations to find the clandestine locations will continue throughout the state.

According to previous statements by the state president, the Dry Law was scheduled to be lifted during these days, however, because yesterday the healthy distance and crowding protocols were violated, the state decided not to.

Because of what happened, Quirino pointed out that, in two more weeks, there will be more cases of Covid-19 in the state.


The Mazatlan Post