Mazatlan proposes reform to the Sustainable Development Regulation


It includes the separation of garbage, regulating noise on public roads and reducing plastics

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The reform proposed by the Ecology and Environment Directorate of the Sustainable Development Regulation of the municipality of Mazatlán, includes regulating the pollutants emitted into the atmosphere by businesses such as taquerías, roasting shops and “tatemaderos”, in addition to being mandatory to separate the garbage in homes and reduce the noise generated by aurigas, pulmonias, and vehicles with loudspeakers and sounds.

The head of this municipal agency, Lourdes Sanjuan Gallardo, pointed out that since last month the reform proposal was delivered for analysis and approval in the Mazatlán Council, so she will ask the councilors to expedite their discussion to have the legal framework that fosters an environmental culture in society.

We have already submitted to the auscultation the proposal to reform the Sustainable Development Regulation to several fellow environmentalists, just need the councilors to apply, review and approve the regulation 

Lourdes Sanjuan Gallardo

Among the proposals that make up this reform, the obligatory nature of separating garbage into organic and inorganic in all Mazatlecos homes, as well as the regularization of noise in dense areas of the population and the reduction of single-use plastics stand out.

He commented that a fundamental part of this new environmental culture will be the regularization of businesses that emit pollutants into the atmosphere, such as taquerías, roasting shops, “tatemaderos”, among others.

There we will have a very important role for their regularization, and that their small or family businesses can modify and that they emit the least amount of pollutants in their spaces. 

Lourdes Sanjuan Gallardo


On the other hand, Sanjuan Gallardo reported that they are also working on the reform of the Animal Protection Regulation, which is proposing an increase in fines against violence and mistreatment of animals, up to 20 thousand pesos.

Likewise, the conditions are put in place to treat problems that are occurring, such as the “hoarding” of pets in the same place, and which generates a focus of infection or public health, since there are people who end up having more than 30 animals in your home.

There are still things that we are not going to be able to solve, because there is no municipal public policy for animal care, and that is what we want to draw the attention of the councilors, once the regulation is approved, we are proposing the creation of the Center for Animal Welfare and Control 

Lourdes Sanjuan Gallardo


– Regulation of pollutants emitted into the atmosphere by businesses.

– Obligation to separate garbage into organic and inorganic in companies and homes.

– Decrease in single-use plastics.

– Regulate noise in dense population areas.


The Mazatlan Post