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A Total of 19 Public Works Continue Forward in Mazatlan

* Some with State support

* Camarón Sábalo and Rafael Buelna

Despite the fact that many companies have stopped or work at “half steam” due to the health contingency, the 19 works that the municipality has are progressing, some of their own and others with the support of the state government says engineer Juan de Dios Garay in the interview. , Secretary of Public Works of the Mazatlán City Council.

I clarify that at least three works are being carried out with strong resources from the state government: the rehabilitation of Camarón Sábalo, Rafael Buelna and Gutiérrez Nájera avenues, in addition to the four rainwater collectors (Roosevelt) on Miguel Alemán Avenue. He said in the works of the municipality about 22 million pesos are invested.

The official did not recall the amount of the investments for Camarón Sábalo and Rafael Buelna, but according to information from the Sinaloa state government, they added almost 300 million pesos in both reconstructions works. These works are even estimated to be completed before August, perhaps in June.

The engineer Garay recognized that the works are making very good progress. In Rafael Buelna, the work on the bike path is 70 percent.

Source: sinaloaenlinea.com, reaccioninformativa.com

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