Recycling would reduce garbage by up to 40% in Mazatlan


The proposal to separate waste in homes and schools is to take advantage of it

Mazatlán, Sin.- Up to 40% of the garbage generated by the city could be recycled in homes and schools if people organize to take advantage of solid waste, as do the treatment plants that already operate in the world; assured the director of municipal public services , Luis Antonio González Olague.

He said that the separation of garbage to throw it into the collection trucks is not the solution to reduce the large volumes of waste produced by the city, but rather recycling in homes since it is possible to have an extra income if it is decided to create centers community collection for the benefit of the colony.

That it be recycled for its own benefit, for the families themselves, including taking it to the level of the community, the colony, that if it reached a point of organization and that it is a benefit for the colony, if several agree and make their center collection, they can sell that recycling; What is coming for the future is that the new trends are that the companies that are going to manage everything that is garbage and recycling are going to concentrate it in such a way as to make a profit from it. 

Luis Antonio González Olague.

He said that the new thing is not only to take advantage of recycling containers, bags, and lids made of plastic, paper, cardboard, aluminum cans but also to transform the heating power of garbage into electrical energy, with modern technology.

Recycling is also excellent, that could be done by the citizen itself, so that they can make a profit, schools can also have that option, I am not aware that there are schools that promote it, but schools generate a lot of garbage from the shops and everything that they do, that’s where if they opted for recycling it would be beneficial for schools and the society of parents 

Luis Antonio González Olague.

Currently, he indicated that the benefit of recycling is focused on the separation of solid waste in the dumpster, whose usufruct remains for the Union, in accordance with the Collective Labor Agreement.

The reform to the Sustainable Development Regulation proposed by the municipal Department of Ecology and Environment, and which is discussed in the Town Planning, Urban Development, and Ecology commission, establishes the obligation to separate organic and inorganic waste in homes, as well such as the decrease of single-use plastics.

González Olague refers that the plan is not to separate the garbage for separating it, but for recycling purposes, and what better way to do this for the benefit of families, schools, and neighborhoods, since it is of little use to separate it in bags and then throw them in the garbage truck.


Pet packaging

Plastic bags and lids



Aluminum cans and cans



Organic waste for compost

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