Mazatlan firefighters attend social psychosis cases


The municipal agency provides aid to patients suspected of coronavirus.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa (April 28, 2020). Mazatlán firefighters dealt with a case of social psychosis, derived from the Covid-19 situation that is experienced in the port and throughout the country.

Mazatlan Fire Department (Archive)

The Mazatlan Fire Department chief, Fernando Leyva, stated that the incident was registered at a residence in the Chulavista subdivision, which is located north of the municipality.

“When the civilian called 911, authorities confirmed there was a very high probability that he was a Covid-19 carrier, so the emergency was attended by specially trained staff of the Fire Department and the patient was quickly evaluated”, said Fernando Leyva.

Mazatlan Fire Department (Archive)

With protective equipment and the necessary preventive measures, a firefighter was in charge of confirming that the person did not have this condition since he did not have the symptoms caused by the virus.

He said that watching too much news related to the coronavirus pandemic made the patient believe that he was ill and that he needed urgent care.

At 84 years of age, the person underwent a medical examination and it was confirmed that he did not have a fever, nor did the cough, and he was only suffering from high blood pressure.

Mazatlan Fire Department (Archive)

Fernando Leyva acknowledged that many people who have a cough or the flu believe that they have the disease, although it is not superfluous to resort to a medical examination.

Last weekend, he said, they had knowledge of 11 people with shortness of breath, a factor that they consider as suspicious for Covid-19, but that none of them ultimately had the virus.


  • 25 young men and women make up the Veterans Fire Department.
  • 30 emergencies of all kinds are attended per day

Source: OEM

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