Hospitals saturated by emergencies in Mazatlan


Much of the emergencies attended in the general hospital and Social Security are due to accidents 

Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- From Friday 24 to Saturday, April 25, in Mazatlán there was a jump from 24 to 32 Covid-19 cases, figures provided by the Secretary of Health in Sinaloa, Efrén Encinas Torres.

On a tour of medical institutions, the emergency areas of the Mexican Institute of Social Security, and the general hospital were detected saturated by people in home or work accidents and or injured by traffic accidents.

Likewise, Covid-19 suspects, according to relatives of patients who are waiting to be tested and others to confirm whether they are negative.

Sofía Martínez explained that she has her father-in-law, José, admitted to Social Security waiting for results, because they fear that he will test positive for coronavirus, he already suffers from pneumonia, he has had a very high fever and he is an older adult. 

The care modules for patients with respiratory ailments and suspected Covid-19 are kept open every day.

There is fear

Given the increase in cases of coronavirus, the fear of being infected grows in the citizens, but even so, out of necessity, they reach the general hospital. 

Humberto Casa-Rubio has hospitalized his 8-year-old son Mario, “who is torn between life and death”, after an accident he suffered in Isla del Bosque, Escuinapa. 

He explains that last Monday, the minor fell from a truck and suffered injuries to the body, with greater head damage, for which he was hospitalized in an emergency.

The father comments that he is afraid that his child, his wife or he will become ill with coronavirus.

In addition, you are concerned about the costs of having your child in the hospital. He accepts that they have given him very good attention, “but only God will decide if he lives” says with a broken voice. He added that they are from Guerrero but are working on cutting chili. 

In another case, Ramón Flores has his uncle hospitalized, who fell and had surgery. She is afraid that she will get sick from Covid-19 since they are sick every day. Yesterday, outside the emergency area, it was full of families, even with children. Most are from communities in the southern region.


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