Tips for cooking with beer during quarantine, without making your food sour


Believe it or not, doing it has its art and here we tell you how to achieve it

Written by: Ollin Velasco

If you like the flavors of beer , whatever style you prefer, it is very likely that cooking with this drink is also to your liking.

However, it is also a known fact that those who attempt it without too much instruction can obtain a not so satisfactory result. One of the most common: the food is too bitter. That is why today we want to give you some advice so that it does not happen to you.


It can act as an excellent replacement for wine, or some concentrated broth for flavor. But the important thing is that you select a beer that matches the flavors of the food you cook.

Don’t forget to use herbs

This is very important, especially if you plan to make marinades for meats. In this case, also try to add salt, pepper and the spices you like the most from the beginning.

Herbs should also be chosen depending on the intensity of your beer and the strong ingredients you use in the recipe.

Always in moderation

Just because a meal carries beer doesn’t mean you have to know a lot about it. Instead of being invasive, give it a light touch that reminds the diner of just a few notes of the drink.

Another tip: choose one that is not very alcoholic. When you boil the beer with the food, the alcohol will volatilize, but if you use a beer with many degrees, believe us

Don’t let it boil for long

If you do, what you will achieve is that all the alcohol evaporates and only the bitter and toasted flavors of hops and malt remain, respectively.

Make it your ally to reduce flavor intensities

Especially, when you want to neutralize a little the acidity, the itchiness or the salty of a recipe. If you think that a meat, or a pasta, was very impregnated with any of those flavors, the only thing you should do is add a splash of beer and wait for the recipe to improve substantially.

For sweet options

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In case you decide to make a sweet preparation, you should know something: very malty and toasted beers are good for making candy. Can you imagine a vanilla custard with a stout craft beer caramel? They will surely be a great combination.

Since you know it, do not hesitate to start experimenting. The beer is not only perfect to accompany your meals but to make with it. 


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