Mazatlan: Jumapam shuts water off on Rafael Buelna and Camaron Sabalo; Is your neighborhood affected


It is part of the works of replacement of the hydraulic infrastructure for the remodeling of both avenues

This Thursday, at 8:00, am, Jumapam will close the valves at Rafael Buelna and Camarón Sábalo Avenues, to carry out the interconnection work of the new hydraulic network that has been placed in these two roads as part of the modernization projects.

“Work will begin at 8 in the morning and it is estimated a time of four to six hours to carry out both interconnections, which are part of the work to replace the hydraulic infrastructure of these two avenues”, explained the architect José Daniel Tirado Zamudio, Construction Manager of Jumapam.

The public servant commented that in the case of Rafael Buelna Avenue, where the new hydrosanitary network is already fully located, it is planned to make two new interconnections to reinforce the water supply in some of the surrounding neighborhoods.

One will be on a 6-inch diameter line on Avenida Las Torres and Rafael Buelna; the other on an 8-inch line at its intersection with Calle Dorados de Villa. For this maneuver, the affected colonies in the water supply will be Sánchez Celis, Infonavit Playas, and Pueblo Nuevo.

While in the Camarón Sábalo Avenue the closing of valves will be to carry out five cruises in the existing network of drinking water of 10 inches in diameter between Valentinos and Avenida Playa Gaviotas.

The area where the supply of the vital liquid will be impacted is that included between Rafael Buelna and Tiburon avenues, where in addition to the Golden Zone are the subdivisions, Lomas de Mazatlán, Gaviotas, El Dorado, El Cid, and Sábalo Country.