4×4 and Razor routes are prohibited during COVID-19 lockdown in Sinaloa


The Secretary announced that it seeks to impose heavy fines on those caught in these activities, as well as to confiscate the units until the contingency ends.

Sinaloa- As part of the prevention actions to prevent a greater number of COVID-19 infections, the Sinaloa Secretary of Public Security reiterates that those activities that are not considered essential are prohibited.

The Secretary of Security, Cristóbal Castañeda Camarillo, referred to the so-called racer routes or 4 × 4 vehicles that are carried out in different parts of the Sinaloa and gave us an example the one carried out from Culiacán to Cosalá, an activity that, he insisted, it is prohibited due to the concentration of people that said event causes.

He reported that he is already in talks with some mayors, where, traditionally, these activities are carried out so that those units that are surprised are sent to the corralón and deliver them until the contingency passes, as well as imposing a heavy fine on their driver, in order to that he does not recur in the future.

The secretary reiterated that the tours by the State Preventive Police, in coordination with authorities from the three orders of the Government, will continue, so he urged the population to refrain from leaving their homes if it is not necessary.

He stressed that these measures will continue in force until the sanitary contingency in which the entire country finds itself as a result of COVID-19 is overcome.

He added that it is time for there to be awareness among the population and to avoid, as far as possible, leaving the house, as well as for the preventive measures issued by the Ministry of Health to be followed, such as keeping a healthy distance, washing hands, disinfect spaces and common areas as well as cover when coughing or sneezing.

Finally, it invited citizens to stay informed, for which the State Government makes available the page covid.sinaloa.gob.mx, in addition to the Coronavirus 667 713 00 63 Call Center, the 9-1-1 emergency line and Murphy, the virtual robot at 6673 59 40 12.

Source: sinaloaenlinea.com

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