Disinfection Army works in San Miguel de Allende intensifies


In order to contain the spread of the COVID-19 in San Miguel de Allende, the more than 70 public servants who make up the “Sanitation Army” work in coordination with brigades only in public spaces.

Said work team takes 8 consecutive days and intensifies its activities with the support of its coordinators of Civil Protection, Municipal Public Services and Quality of Life, as well as the Ministry of Public Security.

This army focused actions on the essential points of concurrence: such as the Bus Station, shopping centers, truck stops, and public roads. They do not access private properties or subdivisions.

The members of the Sanitation Army have a white protective suit, cover mouths, and gloves, they also carry a backpack with a sprinkler that has logos of the municipal government, they are transferred in official vehicles and their leaders are area coordinators of the participating directorates, fully identified.

Divided into four brigades, women and men, duly protected, are distributed throughout the city with their tanks and sprinkler units to disinfect and sanitize essential spaces for competition, public roads, and transport.


At the Central de Autobuses, the Sanitation Army toured the waiting rooms, walkways and boarding areas; Newcomers to San Miguel de Allende recognized the work of these women and men who, committed to citizenship, carry out the prevention brigades.

While another group of this Army sanitized the transport units, the passenger María Petra Murillo said: “ The measures that are being taken are very good, since it is prevention for oneself, we have to put gel on, cover our mouths, and only leave the house for the essential ”.

In addition, actions were implemented in the area of ​​the municipal divisions of the Police Directorate; even inside each cell and attention module. In the area, there is a space for specific attention in case the detainees have symptoms that refer to COVID-19.

The continued works are permanent in La Luciérnaga, Conspiración, Primavera, Mega, Plaza 415, Alhóndiga and de la Estación; as well as self-service stores and bus stops.

At the same time, a unit from the Public Services and Quality of Life department rounds the city with a spray hose, disinfecting the streets.

Who is part of the San Miguel de Allende Sanitation Army

The public servants that make up this “Sanitation Army” are officials who attended this initiative are volunteers

This army is made up of women and men from various government and para-municipal directorates.

The participating directions are Citizen Attention, Tours and Supports, Municipal Institute for Women, Culture and Traditions, System for the Integral Development of the Family (DIF), Municipal Sports Commission, Tourism Council, Youth Institute, Municipal Services and Security Secretary.

The sanitary indications to avoid a contagion are:

  • Constantly wash your hands with soap and water.
  • Keep the healthy distance (recommended from 1 to 1.20 meters)
  • Stay at home; not leave if it is not strictly essential.

Source: unionguanajuato.mx, milenio.com

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