Video: Sedena, Semar, and SSPS withdraw family from a restaurant in Sinaloa


Sinaloenses still do not take seriously the contingency for the COVID-19

Navolato, Sinaloa.- Despite the insistence of the national and state authorities, many Sinaloan families do not take seriously the satirical contingency caused by the COVID-19, since they insist on maintaining customs that in these moments of quarantine are conducive to infections

Through his twitter account, the Sinaloa public security secretary, Cristóbal Castañeda, released a video of the moment, where he and the state police, the national guard were on an inspection tour in Navolato.

And it is there that they found two families, who were enjoying the afternoon in a seafood establishment, with a group of musicians, and a couple of local employees since they were not following current sanitary measures.

To which they were asked to evict and abide by the guidelines that have been so insistently disclosed in different media so that every citizen in Sinaloa is supporting the spread of the virus to a minimum.


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