At last! Ten new garbage collectors arrive in Mazatlan


The units are not yet in operation because they are labeling, locating and contracting the insurance, but they are already “in the hands” of the local government

Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- Finally! After so long waiting, the Commune just received the ten new garbage collection trucks for the Public Services area in Mazatlán.

The director, Luis Antonio González Olague revealed that the units are already “in the hands” of the government; but they still do not come into operation because they must be labeled, plated and insured for anything that will come up.

“The 10 new trucks have arrived, right now we are already in the process because we have to insure them, since we cannot just take them out like this until we have what they should be because we are not exempt from an accident.”

“… then, we hope that soon, at the latest next week they will be available, that’s it,” he said. 

The municipal official stressed that the new collectors will be of great help so that the Urban Cleaning Department offers a better service to the city, and more because they are model 2021.

“They are new technology trucks, they are 2021; then these trucks are going to support the collection enough. – Then, of that flotilla that already or serves what will happen? -. Well, we have to continue maintaining it because the city occupies trucks, right now we have no more than 34 trucks available, 36 depending on there conditions, ”he said.

The director of Public Services in the Municipality announced that next year they will request the acquisition of another 10 new collectors to reinforce and leave a vehicle fleet in good condition at the City Council.


The Mazatlan Post