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Mexican Army supervises that beach restrictions are met in Mazatlán

SEDENA (Mexican Army), Civil Protection, Public Security (Traffic and Municipal Police) and the Aquatic Salvage Squadron, will be conducting inspections of the Mazatlan’s Malecon area, from Olas Altas to El Valentinos.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- For the second time, authorities such as Secretary of National Defense with its Department of Plan DN-III, Civil Protection, Public Security (Traffic and Municipal Police), the Aquatic Salvage Squadron, gave toured the Malecon area, from Olas Altas to El Valentinos, as a preventive measure so that the instructions given by the Federal Government to keep the beaches closed, by the Covid-19 contingency, are respected.

An approximate of eight patrol cars from the aforementioned units toured the route, along the entire Del Mar Avenue from south to north and back.

At a speed of 40 kilometers per hour, the route was carried out successfully, since the drivers of the vehicles, upon seeing the presence of authorities, slowed down their cars and respected the road signs.

Authorities verified that there were no people on the beach, both in the sea and in the sand, also that the caution tape had not been the victim of vandalism, and remained at the beach entrances, where it was installed since last Thursday.

It was mentioned that the inspection will take place every third day, in which the quarantine ends and thus be able to have control of people.

On the other hand, personnel from the Civil Protection of the South Zone, headed by Oscar Roberto Tirado Osuna, gave a tour of motels and hotels in the port, this to ensure that the instructions issued by the state government were carried out.

“Three hotels were closed one to the north exit and two to the south, they were told that if they did not comply with the indications, they would be subject to a fine, or to some other sanction depending on the severity of the fault “We also toured the hotels and most of them are comlpying with the federal dispositions,” he reported.

The official reiterated that each citizen must have the responsibility to take care of him or herself and respect the indications given by the authorities, especially by the Secretary of Health.

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