Without pay and without health insurance, new police officers work in Sinaloa


Police officers recently graduated from the academy have worked in the State Preventive Police since January and have received no salary or medical insurance.

Sinaloa .- Yesterday, the agents of the State Preventive Police (PEP) were notified to go to the base because they would have good news. Excited, they went to the corporation’s facilities.

More than fifty officers graduated last November from the Institute of Criminal Sciences showed up and, to their misfortune, they were offered a scholarship which, according to them, is the one granted by the federal government itself in support of those who are not working. , which, they assure, they had to reject for dignity.

They didn’t convince them

A group of new officers is frustrated since they indicate that since January of this year they were discharged as state police; however, since then they have not received any salary and, furthermore, they have no medical support.

That is why, in the hope of receiving a certain amount of salary to subsist while they decide to integrate them into the corporation, they were told that they would be given a scholarship with monthly financial support of 3 thousand pesos, on the condition that they patrol for five hours a day, without knowing what day they would rest, so all of them chose not to take it.

“ One was forged in the academy for six months suffering sleeplessness, and one wants him with the illusion of working in what we like, and they have us with their finger in their mouths, ”said one of the affected police officers.

In pure transportation of buses and food, they commented that they would spend the scholarship, and it would not be enough to cover their needs or to provide for their families.

They ask for intervention

Police officers ask for the help of the state governor, Quirino Ordaz Coppel , so that he is the one to attend to the problem, since they do not consider it fair that they have to take temporary jobs because they do not know when they will be given the opportunity they have been waiting for since They graduated.

Police deficit still exists

The executive secretary of the State Public Security System, Renato Ocampo Alcántar, acknowledged that they currently have a police deficit, although he specified that the number of police graduates from the ranks of the Institute of Criminal Sciences has risen in this Administration.

He also added that all the instances that send police officers to initial training are because they have the openness to be able to hire them.

He also indicated that everyone has the place, but they are administrative processes that are a bit complicated; With this he informed that the problem is already being solved, however, it did not abound for when.

Likewise, the state official pointed out that at the beginning of the Administration they had a deficit of about 3 thousand elements for the entire Public Security system, and at the moment they have about 1,400 more that have been added, since he referred that only in In 2019, 950 new police officers graduated, unlike past Administrations, which were between 75 to 100.

He highlighted women, as 30 percent joined corporations. 

On the other hand, Ocampo Alcántar announced that the recruitment process had to stop to comply with the measures filed by the Ministry of Health in the face of the health contingency by COVID-19 , since this generates a significant concentration of cadets who live in dormitories, So it was decided to stop the activities.

Source: eldebate.com.mx

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