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A young man loses his life after colliding with a palm tree on Mazatlan’s Sábalo-Cerritos avenue

The unfortunate was accompanied by a female who apparently was severely injured due to the strong impact

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Excessive speed and lack of prudence, apparently, were the main factors for a 20-year-old man to lose his life in a tragic accident on Sábalo-Cerritos Avenue.

The emergency services received the emergency call shortly after 23:00 on Wednesday, informing them of the accident on the aforementioned road at the Las Gavias Grande hotel, just after passing the second Cerritos Bridge, on the north to south lane.

According to the data provided by people who witnessed the accident, the young couple who was traveling on a motorcycle collided head-on against a palm tree.

The place was attended by paramedics and various security corporations, who only confirmed the death of the young man who was identified by the name of Edil N. and then cordoned off the area, while his 18-year-old companion, named Daniela N., was transferred to a hospital for immediate medical attention.

Source: reccioninformativa.com

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