These are the gas stations with the lowest prices in Mazatlán


Eagle Gas and Pemex Ley del Mar, have so far the cheapest Magna and Premium gasoline

Mazatlán, Sinaloa .- The price of hydrocarbons continues to drop, and Reacción Informativa made a tour of the port of Mazatlán to verify which gas station maintains the lowest price on the three different fuels that are purchased, magna, premium and diesel.

Some gas stations already have their company name, independently of those that Pemex maintains on its own account, therefore, it was verified that the Eagle Gas company, Petromar, and Pemex itself, are the ones with the lowest fuel price.

During the tour, it was observed that the Pemex gas station, located in front of Ley del Mar, maintains the price of green fuel at 15.50 pesos, while red gasoline is at 16.36 pesos.

After this gas station, the Eagle Gas company, located in El Venadillo, maintains green gasoline at 14.29 pesos, while the red one sells it at 14.90 pesos.

The companies Gaspasa, Arco and La Canuta keep their green fuel below 16 pesos, beating the aforementioned companies by cents.

It could also be observed that the company that maintains the lowest price of diesel is Tesoro, located in Huertos Familiares, on Luis Donaldo Colosio, selling it for 17 pesos, while again Pemex Ley del Mar, maintains diesel at 17.83 pesos.

-Pemex (Law of the Sea)

Magna: 15.50

Premium: 16.36

Diesel: 17.83

Group Petromar (Mañanitas and Hacienda de Urías)

Magna: 15.94

Premium: 16.96

-Gaspasa (Rafael Buelna)

G-Plus: 15.98

G-Supreme: 17.16

-Arco (Mexican Army)

Regular: 15.98

Premium: 17.17

Diesel: 19.26

-La Canuta (El Conchi Market)

Magna: 15.99

Premium: 17.37

-Eagle Gas (Venadillo)

Regular: 14.29

Supreme: 14.90

Diesel: 17.99

-Pemex (Bodega Aurrera Conchi)

Magna: 16.50

Premium: 17.38

Diesel: 19.10

Pemex (Valleys of the Ejido)

Magna: 16.54

Premium: 17.69

Diesel: 19.39

-Red Petroil (Jaripillo)

Magna: 16.58

Premium: 17.68

Treasure (Family Gardens)

Regular: 16.58

Super: 17.68

Diesel: 17.00

-Quick Gas (Missions)

Magna: 16.59

Premium: 17.66

Diesel: 19.38

Source: Reacción Informativa

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