Due to Covid-19, local authorities cancel all private parties in Mazatlán


The tianguis of the municipality could also be suspended to prevent the spread of COVID-19, as announced by the senior officer Javier Lira González.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Senior Officials declare private parties canceled, in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in Mazatlán.

Senior officer Javier Lira González stressed that reviews will be carried out to verify that make sure no private parties are held in Mazatlan.

He explained that this is part of the preventive plan to cut the chain in the transmission of the disease.

He said that although they already had permits for the parties, these will be suspended as a precaution.

It is for safety and health, it is not a local issue, it is a global issue. (Javier Lira González)

This restriction will be in force for the rest of the month. As long as the Municipal Health Council does not change the indications.

In the case of shops, restaurants and other establishments, the Municipal Health Council recommendation is to close its doors temporarily.

But he said that the authorities will meet with them to raise awareness about the importance of following these recommendations.

On the other hand, on the subject of the city’s street markets (tianguis), he pointed out that there is a high possibility that they will be suspended to prevent risks of contagion.

He mentioned that the possibility of temporarily suspending the tianguis will be analyzed and if so, they will be informed in time.

He launched a general call to the entire population to follow the recommendation of staying at home.

And whoever can suspend labor activities, keep them suspended for their own sake and that of their families.

Senior officer Javier Lira González reiterated that the aim is to minimize the risk of contagion as much as possible.