“Capirotada” a Mexican Lent gastronomic delicacy you can taste in Mazatlan


Capirotada is a delicious dessert, that is prepared only during Lent.

Lent brings with it the tradition of consuming typical foods of the time, one of them is the fantastic Capirotada, which is made with bread, egg, piloncillo, raisins, cinnamon, banana, peanuts and other ingredients.

Inside the municipal José María Pino Suárez market, during the Catholic vigil in Mexico, you can find brown and white capirotada every day at 140 pesos per kilo.

“The traditional Capirotada, which is made of piloncillo, sells very well, but also the white one that is made with milk, however, we only make “Capirotada Blanca” on Good Friday, and obviously during Easter”, said on of the tenants at José María Pino Suárez municipal market .

The Mazatlan Post