Mazatlan: Head-on crash on Camaron Sabalo leaves one death


The accident occurred due to a head-on collision between vehicles traveling in opposite directions along the same street

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The crash of the front of a truck and a motorcyclist on Camarón Sábalo Avenue caused the driver of the two-wheeled vehicle to die due to the blow he received with a palm tree with which he was struck after being shot from his unit towards the ridge that divides the rúa and that is currently being remodeled.

The fact was reported to the police authorities around 2:30 pm on Saturday, where paramedics from a private clinic near the place realized what happened, so they quickly went out to try to help the motorcyclist, situation that could no longer be, because they only confirmed the death of the person.

There are no names of the deceased and the driver of the truck that was involved, only that they both traveled in opposite directions when they reached the corner of Albatros Street and the accident occurred.

The vehicles that participated in the event, was a red Chevrolet Sonora truck, while the motorcycle was red with black Italika line.

The investigation staff arrived to lift part of the events next to the funeral home in turn, who proceeded to remove the lifeless person from the place.

It transpired that on the motorcycle, there was another companion of the deceased today, which is known, is in a delicate state in a private clinic.

Source: el debate, linea directa

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