Mazatlan lifeguards in one-month “spring training”


MAZATLÁN._ A group of 120 young volunteers, and 60 lifeguards will receive an intensive rescue course to reinforce the operation on the beaches during Holy Week.

Eloy Ruiz Gastélum, Municipal Civil Protection coordinator, considered that security is guaranteed on the Mazatlan beaches.

180 lifeguards are enough, but if their instructions are not followed, that’s when incidents happen, ”he said.

He called all beach users in Holy Week, Easter Week, on weekends, to be alert to follow directions, because real tragedies have been suffered in Mazatlan, when people do not follow instructions.

“The citizens must understand that there are areas of the beach that are not suitable for use and our lifeguards are doing their best to ensure their safety,” he said.

Specific training will be given during each of the five weeks of the course, the first week is for fitness and to reinforce free swimming techniques; the second for surface rescue techniques.

During the third week, the drag methods and mass rescue techniques, rescue techniques with wet bikes and surfboards will be perfected, thanks to the support of the naval search and rescue station of the Secretariat of the Navy in Mazatlan.

The fourth week there will be a special participation by professional instructors from Culiacán, to address the specific issue of treatment of rescued persons with problems of drowning by immersion; and, the last week is the preparation prior to the final exercise, Ruiz Gastélum explained.