Mazatlan’s Gómez Llanos, the Story of Uniting Families of Mexico in the US

* Honesty above all, says

* Business and its human side

Víctor Gómez Llanos is a lawyer, he studied law, but he liked serving people more by advising them in obtaining an American visa to “unite families”. The company and business is familiar, but it has its human side, although with thousands of stories of people they have helped.

In the interview, Gómez Llanos, his brother Jorge is on the side, and the wife inside the office checking documents of the people who come daily for help, tells us:

“We started more than 20 years ago taking a small group of students to Hermosillo to obtain their visas; I was a tourist guide, but they made that assignment and then many more came. They were years in which the USA changed the indefinite visa that was a stamp stuck in the passport and came the laser visas, which was a white ID and is now gray ”.

He said that at the beginning of this business he took several courses, two of them from the US Migration Service, which has served him a lot in his work and to understand the laws and procedures of the United States. He claims that today more than 60 different types of visas, but the common ones are tourist, work, student and visitor.

Victor very pleasantly comments that after the attack on the Twin Towers in New York, the United States government changed and became more demanding to grant a visa.

He said he does not know how many people have helped in these years to obtain a visa that has served to bring families together. A bird flight says that perhaps there are about two thousand people per year who are supported through the Gomez Llanos Visa Center, as the company is called. He comments that 90 percent of those advised receive their North American mica.

There are stories that have squeezed his heart for knowing the years they have been without seeing a family member and when they have been helped, he says, they come years later to thank us and even bring us a gift. There are thousands of cases, he adds.

He also comments that there are other companies that do not do their job well and sometimes worsen the situation of a person who wishes to obtain a US visa.

He affirms that his work motto is a guarantee of honesty and that in an interview the person should not lie and tell the truth, that they are sincere and only then can they have the best advice and help so that without problems they obtain the American visa.

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