Mazatlan hotels do not have a security protocol to face cases of Covid-19


The local businesses are waiting for indications from the Ministry of Health.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- “Until today, there is no active protocol operation against Coronavirus Covid-19 in the hotels of Mazatlan”, said Julio Birrueta, director of the Association of Hotels and Tourism Companies of Mazatlan (AHyET ).

He explained that this is because hoteliers are not the ones who implement the actions, but the Ministry of Health. However, he pointed out that the accommodation centers of all destinations in Mexico are open to collaborate with the indications issued by the health authorities.

“We are not the ones who implement these operations, but the health authorities. We are open to act, and for anything necessary,” he said.

He also said he did not know if the arrival of this virus could directly impact tourism activity.

Regarding the guest who was isolated in a hotel in Culiacán for carrying the disease, the director of the AHyET indicated that this was an isolated case, and in case of a similar situation it would be the Ministry of Health who would have to determine what is the protocol.

The Mazatlan Post