Is Mexico still one of the most promising economies in Latin America?


Mexico has traditionally been one of the most promising economies across Latin America.

Things have looked better over the past few years ever since President Obrador came to office and resolved many of the problems the country faced. Let’s discuss a financial case for moving to Mexico. 

Even though economic growth has been slow, I think this can be put down to the existing inefficiencies of the government which will hopefully be fixed soon.

There’s still plenty of investor confidence in Mexico’s economic futures considering the country generated $10 billion in FDI in the past year. This confidence in the economic future of Mexico is what’s compelled me to write about the financial advantages of moving to the country. 

For anyone who brings their money from their home country, moving to a lesser developed nation is always beneficial.

With the lower cost of living, lower inflation rates and the differences between exchange rates, you’re always at a financial advantage. Mexico offers more financial potentials than any other country because it meets the emerging economy criteria.

Source: EA

The Mazatlan Post