Golf tournament with a cause to be held in Mazatlan


The Red Petroil Group, the Campestre de Golf Club and the Civil Association Foundation and Development of Children (Foden), announced on Feb. 28th, the 64 Golf Tournament that for the first time “will be with a cause” to help and support low-income children who live in Mazatlan colonias. The event will take place next March 14 and 15.

At a press conference, in the facilities of the 1873 Mazatlan Observatory, Paul Medrano, Marketing Director of Red Petroil; Herberto Gómez, director of Services of Red Petroil; Agustín López, manager of the Golf Country Club; Brenda Borboa and Isela Calderón, of Foden, made the official announcement of this event.

Brenda Borboa explained that with the support of Red Petroil, among other companies and for the first time the Campestre Club, work is carried out to help low income children in the city.

The tournament will take place on March 14 and 15 at the Campestre Club where 130 golfers are expected to participate, and so far 114 have registered with a payment of 6,500 pesos each.

Borboa said that the amount of 500 thousand pesos is sought to be donated to Foden.

Golfers from Canada, the United States and several Mexican states will participate in this tournament.

The Mazatlan Post