How much does it cost to make ceviche?


* Its cost varies depending on the product you want
* The only difference is that it yields more and you eat healthier

With the onset of vigilance or Lent, some people avoid eating red meat to continue with the tradition, so they choose to prepare seafoods such as shrimp ceviche or fish
But how much it costs to prepare a shrimp ceviche or fish ?. Here we tell you how much you have to pay.

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Changueras Mazatlan

One kilo of cevichero shrimp $ 135.
A kilo of tomato $ 40.
One kilo of purple onion $ 30.
A kilo of lemon $ 30.
A kilo of cucumber $ 20.
A bag of toast $ 20.
A $ 15 bottle sauce.
The total cost would be 290 pesos, without adding avocado, serrano pepper and cilantro, that would be to taste.

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If you want to make a fish ceviche such as “sierra”, its cost per kilo varies between 120 to 140 pesos and 20 kilograms of ground carrot.
Now, you are aware if you want to prepare a tasty ceviche or go to a cart or restaurant and pay almost the cost of the total preparation, the only difference you’ll eat more by making it yourself.

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