Phenomenal was the Mazatlan Carnaval allegorical parade


MAZATLAN SINALOA.- An inclusive allegory, fireworks during the tour of the royal floats, and the occasional setback, made the first parade phenomenal in the eyes of thousands of spectators, who lived through the experience of the Mazatlan International Carnival “ We are America ”, in its 2020 edition.

The majesty of the allegory of the Carnival Queen, Libya Gavica, surprised all attendees and its creator, Ocean Rodriguez, received the honors of the government box and most importantly: the public’s recognition of their work.

The Malecon looked like every year, entire families and groups of friends took over Del Mar Avenue.

Everyone who could, and as always happens, there were gossip for trying to occupy places already apart or simply for asking people already seated to cross next to the sidewalk of the seawall.

While children, youth and adults were waiting or looking for a place, the canes announced the arrival of the floats.

Escorted by Municipal Transit agents, the allegories began to catch the eyes of thousands of attendees.

The groups that on this occasion represented countries throughout Latin America managed to spread the honorable public with their rhythm.

Some even made viewers participate. All his travel and performance was qualified by the judges

The main floats achieved their goal, dazzle the public

The majestic allegory of Libya Gavica illuminated the golden-colored night.

The car of the Queen of the Floral Games looked impeccable as did her monarch, Brianda Lizárraga.

The same was for the rolling allegory of the infant queen.

The parade of this edition had a considerable delay.

It was said that some floats left incomplete, such as that of the Carnival King, Paco Vazga, who in his social networks noted his anger and his almost no participation in the large Carnival party.

It was also reported that others were not finished assembling and / or fixing, such as that of the 25-year-old honored queen, Lizzy Bernal.

Other irregularities are that logistics to control people and not invade emergency exits failed.

Many people expressed their dissatisfaction because the allegorical party started late.

In the next few hours, the municipal authorities are expected to give a balance of what happened.

Source: linea directa

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