Musicians will have six days of intense work during Mazatlan’s Carnival


Musicians both local and from other states of the country will work from 9:00 to 2:00 in the morning

Mazatlan, Sin. Between 100 and 150 local musicians will work during the six days of the Mazatlan Carnival celebration, which will offer their musical services to those who attend the celebrations that will take place on the Olas Altas Promenade.

The secretary of the Union of Musicians of the port, Marco Antonio Gordoa Obeso, informed that his members will work alongside those who are not unionized or who come from other parts of the country.

He said that the local music workers have to pay 100 pesos for the corresponding permit before the Department of the Chief of Staff, while those of other states will have to give 150 pesos.

To apply for the permit, they must go to the Main Office, where they have to show their voter card or a copy to be issued the corresponding receipt. 

Marco Antonio Gordoa

He clarified that many of the musicians that work each year at the Carnival are already registered before said municipal agency, so they only pay the cost of the permit.

Earlier, he said, past administrations exempted the cost of permission from local musicians, and only charged foreigners so they could offer their services at the port.

Regarding the parades of floats, he said, the musicians will work as long as the activity lasts, then move to Olas Altas where the party continues.

Gordoa Obeso said that music workers will start working at 9:00 at night, which is the time when people start arriving in the carnival area, to retire between 2:00 and 3:00 morning.

150 local musicians will work during the six days of the Mazatlan Carnival celebration.

Source: el sol de mazatlan

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