Street organist of the CDMX invade the boardwalks of Sinaloa


With its shoulder cylinder and its particular crank brighten the weekend evenings in this municipality

Guasave, Sin.- With a particular melody that seemed to be trapped in time and its characteristic uniform as if it were a nineteenth-century officer, organizers from Mexico City arrived this weekend at the municipality of Guasave to delight families at a recreation center.

Through the efforts of the Directorate of Culture, Hortensia López Gaxiola, they first bet this Friday, February 14, in the courtyards of the Municipal Palace, bringing the music of the surrounding streets to the Historic Center of the large city to the town and delighting those they performed for

The first organs arrived in the country from Germany and Austria, were used to brighten fairs and circuses, at the time of the Mexican Revolution, Pancho Villa included an organist in his platoon so they are also known as the Dorados de Villa. The device has recorded at least eight melodies that are activated with the crank.

The organizers will be this Saturday and Sunday, February 15 and 16 on the boardwalk María del Rosario Espinoza to play their music in exchange for a coin as they do in the streets of Reforma and the Zocalo of Mexico City.

Source: linea directa

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