Infrastructure diagnosis on Mazatlan beaches confirms that urgent repairs are needed


Operator and Administrator of Beaches forward that this week will be presented by the municipal authority since it deals with attention from signs to public restrooms for tourists

Mazatlan.- The diagnosis of infrastructure on the urban beaches of the port of Mazatlan is ready and confirms the urgency of attending as soon as possible certain points that help its improvement of tourist image and is according to the times to instruct the thousands of visitors, he said to know this Tuesday Jorge Contreras Núñez.

The general director of the Operator and Administrator of Beaches of Mazatlan, indicated that in the route made it throws a reality that is behind the boulder of the boardwalk, which invites to work with intensity on public beaches, provide services.

“We are urged to work very intensely on public beaches, provide the services that are showers, which are bathrooms, and especially in the recovery of spaces. There are spaces that because idle drug addicts have become use of them. There are already operations now that are actively working hard in the entire area of ​​the boardwalk. ”

The municipal official explained that it is also necessary to work on the emblematic beaches such as Olas Altas and Los Pinitos, were providing basic services is essential for the enjoyment and safety of tourists and locals.

“In the 4.5 kilometers I am talking from Valentinos to Monkeys ‘Bichis’, and in none, there is no bathroom, in none of the accesses to be precise there is a bathroom, we have more than 20 accesses there with stairs, some with ramp, the ramp does not manage to descend to the sand, in the same nature by its tide ”.

The Director-General of Operator and Administrator of Beaches of Mazatlan said that this data and how it will be attended will be announced by the same mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, who maintains a clear interest to rescue those spaces and dignify them as tourist sites not only for the locals but for the thousands of visitors that arrive at the port.

Source: linea directa

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