‘Traveling Puro Sinaloa’, the alternative of the state government if AMLO removes the long holiday weekends


The secretary of Tourism of Sinaloa, Óscar Pérez, said it would be a blow to the sector if the bridge scheme is modified but would seek to counteract it with tourism programs

Sinaloa.- The proposal of the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, to eliminate school bridges, during the holidays on Monday for the commemoration of a holiday, will seriously affect the tourism sector and other branches of the economy, Óscar Pérez Barros said.

The Secretary of Tourism of the Government of the State considered that if this initiative flourishes for next year, the same will have to be done at the local level, such as strengthening the Traveling Puro Sinaloa” program , which encourages the Sinaloa to know the different attractions, and during In its first stage, 3,600 people participated in the 90 trips made, where the 18 municipalities were visited.

He added that in Sinaloa every weekend there is hotel occupancy in Mazatlan and in other municipalities, this by the realization of more than one hundred events last year in destinations of beach, mountains and magical and stately villages.

“The ‘Traveling Pure Sinaloa’ program, we are going to continue that kind of programs because this counteracts what we can define of the bridges, we definitely have to take measures to counteract a possible casualty if some holiday weekends are canceled,” he said.

Pérez Barros commented that some emblematic dates of the country fall on days that can be taken as a long weekend holiday, but unfortunately not the majority. Finally, he summoned the mayors to redouble the effort and maintain their activities such as the visit to sunflowers, the Taco Fair, the oyster fair, the chicharon, the fish and the aguachile, among others.

The Mazatlan Post