Tolls rise again on the Mazatlan-Durango highway


Caminos y Puentes Federales announced that as of February 5, tolls will increase on all roads

With the 3 percent increase in the cost of toll booths on roads of the National Infrastructure Fund Network that announced Caminos y Puentes Federales, motorists traveling the entire route of the Mazatlan-Durango highway They will now pay 19 pesos more, going from 629 to 648 pesos.

The new rates are effective as of the first minute of this Wednesday, February 5.

In the Durango booth, from the section of the Durango freeway to the junction with the junction to Otinapa, the cost for motorists goes from 65 to 67 pesos; the Llano Grande booth, from the Otinapa to the Piloncillo junction, rises from 97 to 100 pesos.

The most expensive booth on that route, which is that of Coscomate, which includes the Piloncillo junction to Saint Lucia, the cost increases from 306 to 315 pesos; and in the Mesillas collection plaza, from Santa Lucia to Villa Unión, the increase is from 161 to 166 pesos.

The fares increase for buses of 2, 3 and 4 axles, the same as for trucks with 2 to 9 axles.

It should be noted that the 3 percent increase in the toll rate announced by Capufe does not include the collection places of El Limón de los Ramos (Culiacán Bridge) and Cuatro Caminos (Sinaloa Bridge), since they are not part of the Network of the National Infrastructure Fund.

Here you can check the current rates in Mexico toll roads as of this February 5

Source: linea directa

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