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Slow traffic on Avenida Del Mar due to works in Rafael Buelna

Estimate finishing work in the Valentino area before the end of the long weekend

Mazatlan, Sin. For remodeling works at Rafael Buelna , from the Hotel Jacarandas to Playa Gaviotas Avenue, on Del Mar Avenue , a single lane of double circulation has been enabled , which has caused the slow vehicular flow through the area.

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However, slow traffic begins to feel at the height of Insurgentes Avenue, motorists and drivers of public transport begin to reduce speed, which has caused a delay of time for those who circulate there.

Unfortunately, traffic cannot be prevented from slow and partly helps us because people are not accelerated. Also for that there are alternate routes, the bad thing is for those who come from the south side of the city, because they do have to enter traffic.

Juan Antonio Marrujo.

However, he says that in the morning, at the time when most people go to their place of work and have to go there, there is not much traffic flow.

He adds that the work carried out specifically in that area will not last two more days, so before the end of the long weekend the circulation will be normal.

They are works that will not last two more days, it is what I understand, according to the engineers, it is necessary to strain, pour the hydraulic cement, which dries quickly to be able to open the circulation. Juan Antonio Marrujo.

So far, he says that no accident has been reported.

On the other hand, drivers of ariagas and pulmonias expect that the works that prevent free movement along Del Mar Avenue end soon and the traffic returns to normal, because the long weekend has already begun and tourists begin to arrive at the port.

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