Culiacán to the Guinness Record book! with the world’s largest Aguachile


On this occasion, 3 tons of aguachile were prepared

Culiacán, Sinaloa .- In an unprecedented way, Culiacán Sinaloa joins the Guinness Record book with the world’s largest aguachile, the president of the National Chamber of the Restaurant of Food and Spiced Food (Canirac), Miguel Taniyama Ceballos.

The gastronomic leader, explained that this time two tons of shrimp, half a ton of onions, a ton of cucumbers, two tons of lemon and 250 liters of macaw sauce for aguachile were prepared, which was the special ingredient of this year in its Eighth Edition.

“There were more than 400 young people who participated in the elaboration m, we started at 5 in the morning to prepare it is a topic that positions us with our products, the subject of the Sinaloa shrimp, is a worldwide recognition and our dish is an icon as the chiltepin peppers that identify us, ”he added.

For his part, the Governor of the State, Quirino Ordaz Coppel, said that it is a great national event to demonstrate the true Culiacán, the face of gastronomy and the talent of a hundred of young people who participate.

“Not only are they in the Guinness Record but show the quality with which they work in Sinaloa and above all, what nobody has, the best aguachile in Mexico and the world,” he said.

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